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Letter from the President


Thanks to all that attended last week’s Magnetawan Town Council meeting.  It was well attended on our part.  Unfortunately we did not get any good answers from the Mayor as to why Council approved the proposal and why in so much haste.  The Mayor has indicated that Council’s view on the proposal does not have much impact on whether or not Health Canada approves the proposal, but that begs the question then as to why they approved it in the first place.  I still believe however that if Council was to rescind their approval that would be helpful.

While the applicant, Craig Ferchat seems affiable enough, basic issues such as water quality, security, and precedent are difficult to mitigate if the proposal goes through.  Hence the only way to address them completely is to have the proposal abandoned.

I have attached notes I made from the meeting and would appreciate feedback from those that attended as to whether or not they now feel better or worse for hearing what they heard.


I am seeking several people to be part of an ad-hoc committee to deal with this issue.  I am of the view that we should make a formal, objective submission both to Tony Clement and Health Canada on this issue, both in writing and possibly in person as well.  We need people that can help do some research on zoning, marijuana grow-op waste water (nutrients, volume) and security (say issues that residents near other grow-ops have had) and to supply other ideas.  It would help to have one or two permanent residents who can visit town hall (say to look at zoning documents) and take measurments (eg distance / time to police and fire departments).  I have seen quite a bit of internet articles which will likely be helpful.  Let me know if you would like to participate.

Volume of submissions is important.  While we can have a committee to develop a formal, technical submission, it is important that as many of you write in to the authorities to express your views.  I know that many of you have done so already.  I have attached a resource listing summarizing some of the data and contacts that I have provided in earlier emails.

Comments  / suggestions are most welcome.

Lastly please note our new email address. hornlake.poa@gmail.com

Michael Freel

Horn Lake Property Owners Association

Horn Lake Cottagers and Residents:

Not surprisingly this application for a grow-op on the lake has generated a
lot of interest. Many of you have started writing letters and I know that
a number of you will be at the Magnetawan Council meeting tomorrow (at
7:00). I am still digesting the many comments received from you.

We have received additional information which we wanted to share with you.

Counsel Resolution and Legal Opinion

See attached document. Interesting that the township approved the plan
prior to receiving the legal opinion.

(See attached file: Magnetawan January 2014 Resolution and Legal

Harena Maris Health Products Inc. ("HMHP")

Harena is the company that is applying for the license. Their general
website is as noted below. There is also a link an FAQ on this
application. I understand that Craig Ferchat, the President of Harena, may
be at tomorrow's meeting.



For those of you that wish to email your comments to the relevant
politicians, email contacts are as follows:

Magnetawan Mayor Sam Dunnett:	 mayor@magnetawan.com.

Federal - Tony Clement:	 tony.clement@parl.gc.ca

Provincial - Norm Miller	 norm.miller@pc.ola.org

I also have added a number of emails to my distribution list and it appears
that I may now have several addresses for a number of you. If you wish for
an address to be deleted, just let me know.

In the News:

Marijuana operations are in the news and appear to be a growth industry.
There were two articles in today's business section of the Globe and Mail
on marijuana business opportunities. There have been a number of articles
about residents upset to learn of grow operations in the neighbourhood.




I look forward to meeting some of you tomorrow.

Michael Freel
Horn Lake Property Owners Assocation
Cell:	(416) 706-5010
email: mfreel@polyair.com