HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes

DATE: Saturday July 24th, 2021

LOCATION: Hideaway Camp, Paul Lindsay host


Meeting began at 10:08 Chris Haist, Association President, welcomed everyone and thanked Paul Lindsay for hosting. 

Introduction of the executive: 

Chris Haist, President

Tara Boyd, Vice-President

Sharon Thomson, Treasurer

 Lynn Pearson, Secretary

  • Minutes from 2020 AGM were reviewed.  One correction was made to correct Alana Bowman’s name to Allana Kernahan.
  • Motion to approve minutes was made by Bill Kittmer, seconded by Rob Ross.


The Boat Parade was very successful and well attended! 

16 boats registered!

*Several docks participated (next year, docks will register too so that they won’t be missed!)

Winners:  Voting was extremely close, so two boat winners were declared-  DiPaolo’s & Stewarts.  The dock award went to the Balsdons!


There is much interest in getting this going for next year, and even potentially via ZOOM over the winter.  VOLUNTEERS to coordinate these series are needed!! Please contact Tara Boyd via hello@hornlake.ca if you can help.

 WATER QUALITY REPORT:      Presented by Bruce Pearson

The Ontario Lake Partner Program is a volunteer program that samples over 800 lakes in Ontario.  

Horn Lake has been submitting data to the ministry of environment since 1992. 

Horn Lake is an Oligotrophic lake. By definition, these lakes are low in nutrient content, and have low primary productivity.

These lakes have cold waters, which allow them to hold considerable amounts of dissolved oxygen through the water column.

This is why Oligotrophic lakes can provide suitable habitat for cold water fish pieces such as lake trout and lake whitefish.  

62% of Ontario Lakes are Oligotrophic

Results of last year’s data collection:

Clarity:  Horn lake continues to maintain good clarity of 5.5m - an increase of .5M from last year

Phosphates:  trended up to 5.2 ug/L previous year was 4.8 ug/L. 

More research needed as to whether this is a natural environmental trend or an impact from cottage load.

Calcium: Records have been maintained since 2008 and represent the health for organic development and the microscopic level.   Horn Lake continues to under perform in this measurement.

Indicating a 1.5 mg/L up from 1.4 mg/L.  Threshold for proper microscopic zooplankton development is 1.5.  

New: The Lake Partner program is now testing for Chloride.  Increased levels of Chloride can be toxic to some aquatic life and also increase  of the water which can affect infrastructure and drinking water quality. Our lake is zero at present time.

Watersheds Canada is a non-profit organization, providing programs to communities across the country they work to engage and help shoreline owners enhance and protect the health of lakes and rivers

Projects the offer such as:

-Healthy Shorelines

-Natural Edge

The website will soon include property enhancement ideas to prevent erosion, and to help encourage wildlife (ducks etc).

Also on the website, there are two ZOOM recordings.  These have great information on septic health.

Chris Haist has become involved with Near North Enviro-Education Centre in Sundridge.



The bank balance as of December 31st, 2020 was $4,182.04

Current Balance *$9,665.50

*Insurance, FOCA and merchandise invoices had not been debited at time of meeting

To date, we have 13 new members (those in attendance introduced themselves) and 43 paid members




The huts all need to be upgraded/repaired.  It is estimated that this will be $400 per hut.

It is also approximated to cost $2,000 for any additional huts deemed necessary.

Mike Taylor asked if there was a connection to send out an emergency text in the event pumps are needed.  Tara Boyd will post steps to coordinate this in the near future.

It was also suggested that:

  • We create a video demonstrating how to use the pumps. Dave Stewart offered use of the BirchCrest beach for filming.
  • We make the pump sheds more visible
  • We look into relocating the North shore pump due to deteriorated water access
  • We contact the owners of lake rental properties to make them aware of their responsibility to post fire ratings and subsequent bans

The Association thanks Ryan Balsdon and Carl Juergensen for maintaining and fueling the pumps.


John Vander Laan provided an update:

In a follow up to the increased water levels discussed at last year’s AGM.  John reports that in 2020, a MNR case study was launched re the height in which the new culvert had been installed vs what the drawings from the plans had indicated.

Tara Boyd will put a copy of the water engineering report on the website.  Any further updates can also be found there

*General discussion*

It was suggested that the names of the current Reeves/Mayors/Councillors in Magnetawan and Ryerson be posted on the website.

It was also suggested that these members be invited to the 2022 AGM

The association received an email from a gentleman in Australia, looking for historic info regarding the sawmill on the lake.

This prompted a general discussion about how to collect historic facts about the people of Horn Lake.

If you have any stories to share, or have information regarding the sawmill, please send it along to hello@hornlake.ca


We had requested that new business items be submitted in advance of the AGM to allow for proper discussion time.

 No new business items were submitted.

DATE FOR 2022 AGM:  Saturday August 6th, 10 am, same location -Hideaway Camp

Motion to adjourn meeting: Dave Laycock

Seconded: Nancy Punter