HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes


DATE: Saturday June 29, 2019
LOCATION: Hideaway Camp, Paul Lindsay host

Meeting began at 10:15. Steve Riley, Association President, welcomed everyone, thanked Paul Lindsay for hosting and introduced the executive: Chris Haist, Co-president; Marilyn Pollitt, Treasurer; and Lynn Pearson, Secretary.

Minutes from 2018 AGM were reviewed.
Motion to approve minutes was made by Bill Kittmer, seconded by Don Heal.


Presented by Bruce Pearson

  • Phosphorous levels are good
  • Clarity has been the same over the last 3 years (depth 5 meters). Bruce noted that clarity does not necessarily mean a “clean” lake, however our lake is still doing well, with the exception of calcium levels. Calcium is critical for the production of crayfish and other invertebrate which also provide food for bass. According to the most recent M&R report, Horn Lake is “stressed“ in this regard.

What can be done? Property owners can help by using their wood ash. DO NOT throw ashes in the lake, instead sprinkle on tree lines so that It can naturally be absorbed into lake. CLEAN, crushed eggshells (so not to attract animals) spread on your property can also help.

Algae: if you see any algae blooms, please take a picture and send it to Lynn@Hornlake.ca. We will send to M&R to have it identified. Not all algae are bad, but need to be monitored.


Marilyn Pollitt reports:

  • That while last year, members voted to keep legal and general funds separate, due to the lack of funds collected in 2017, this is not currently possible.
  • The bank balance as of December 31st, 2018 was $2392.28
    Current Balance $1358.03
  • To date, 28 members have paid vs. 18 this time last year.

John Vanderlaan motioned to approve the report, seconded by Jennifer Shorrocks.

Members discussed pros/cons to raising fees (agreed to leave as is).

Other suggestions to help increase funds included:

  • Flash sale (i.e.) 10% discount on renewal
  • Community yard sale $10 to “rent space”
  • Selling more “lake wear”. This is a project in progress with the Cookson’s company Regatta Sport.

All agreed that being able to provide a clear understanding of the value of being a member is top priority.

  • Understanding what the insurance pays for
  • The ongoing monitoring of capacity and growth on the lake
  • Discounts through FOCA
  • Attending free seminars (e.g.: fire safety; healthy septic systems)

Joanne Corrigan volunteered to contact our insurer, Cade Associates Insurance Brokers, to obtain a clear understanding of our coverage, including any potential liabilities for the executive members.

The following members have offered to visit cottages (Cottage Visit Team), introduce themselves and explain the benefits of membership:

Dave Stewart Sr./Birchcrest Store and trailer park
Darrell & Jennifer Jarvis Rock Island and Preacher’s Point
Jennifer Shorrocks North Horn Lake Rd and Forest Haven
Beverley Ross Peninsula Lane
Jo-Ann Corrigan Picnic Point, South Horn Lake Rd to Minkler’s Lane



Dave Stewart expressed concern going ahead on this date as his docks are not in yet and there is limited parking to accommodate attendees. It was decided to contact Dean and ask if he can present at the Regatta.


After discussion about the danger of the rocks at the edge of Duck Island, Joanne Corrigan motioned to place decoy ducks as markers. Seconded by Dave Stewart. Joanne C. and Mike Taylor volunteered to place the decoys.


Steve reported that last fall, we were notified by Ken Page (via John Furner) that sign had gone up indicating a public meeting notice for a future zoning amendment hearing. The zoning was in regard to a property division in Minkler’s Bay. This sign went up after most had closed up for the season. With less than two days notice, Steve Riley attended this meeting.

Steve reported that last fall, a lake capacity report was commissioned by two cottage owners who were hoping to re-zone their lot.

The new capacity report they provided indicates that the lake is under capacity.

Based on the number of cottages and how the model weighs the number of people per cottage type, the lake has 226 people living on it. The new report indicates it can withstand 306, an increase of 80 from our current number.

Where it gets tricky is that there are different types of cottages on the lake. Permanent (occupied year-round) have a weight of 2.56 people per cottage, while a seasonal only has 0.69. To see how an increase in different types of cottages affects overall capacity,
use this spreadsheet.

While this creates a great deal of concern for some, it must be noted that it is much more difficult to build a cottage today than it was in years past. Now, new cottages must have a minimum of 100 metres of frontage and the cottage must be set back at least 30 metres from the water. And septic tanks are a must.

The Association is doing the following:

  • Monitoring the lake and council for any upcoming proposed zoning amendments
  • Looking into what would be required for the government to sell Crown Land. While we all agree that this is a very slim possibility, we need to understand if and how it would be possible so we can be proactive in stopping any such action.

Any questions or comments are welcomed. Please send them to steve@HornLake.ca

Members thanked Steve for all his work in representing us.

Darrell Jarvis will help learn how crown land is distributed, and understanding zoning for shorelines. Joanne Corrigan offered to connect with Darrell to assist with this.


Regatta will be held on Saturday, August 3rd (Raindate August 4th). Cookson’s will be providing shirts again this year. Volunteers are still needed. Pot luck and corn roast will not be held this year.

Life Guards are confirmed.


John Vanderlaan spoke about his concerns with the water level. He has been surveying the pipe and there is 18” water depth being drained. He calculated that even if there was a total drought, water would only lower 4“. The water level has risen 20” in 2 years. It was generally discussed that the reconstruction of the culvert on North Horn Lake Road was installed too high to help manage lake levels. Many property owners may not get their docks in this season. John asked if there is municipal compensation for the adjusting levels for owners who will have to rebuild docks.

Ron MacPherson said that the culvert was put in to raise levels to “original level” which is approximately 3 feet below what it is currently.

Rick Wotherspoon indicated that he has been on the lake for 50 years and that we need another culvert. He offered to look into the feasibility of this. It was recommended to speak with Alex, who owns property across from Hideaway Camp, as he has been recording the water levels, for historical data.

Updating the lake map. Lynn Pearson has received requests from new owners to have their name added to the map. Jennifer Jarvis will contact John Hiley to help get this done, with the help of the updates obtained by the cottage visit team.

Date for next year’s AGM: Saturday, July 4th at Hideaway Camp. 10 am

Motion to Adjourn meeting: Pat Page, seconded by Jennifer Jarvis.