HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes



Sunday, June 29th, 2014 at the MacPherson’s – start time 10:15 am

Welcome by Interim President Michael Freel. Thank you to the MacPherson family for hosting our Annual General Meeting. There were 46 people present.

The Minutes for the 2013 Annual General Meeting and the Financial Report for 2013-14 were reviewed. The bank balance as at June 30, 2014 is $3,872.88 in General funds plus $1,534.17 in our “Legal Fund” for a total of $5,407.05

Motion to accept the report as presented was made by Theresa Freel, seconded by Don Heal. Motion carried. There was a discussion about the future of the Legal Fund. Ron Pollitt made a motion “that we keep the Legal Fund and show it as a separate item on the Financial Statement”. Dave Stewart Sr. seconded motion. Carried.

It was briefly discussed that the executive would look into the possibility of changing our year end to December 31st instead of June 30th so the Association’s annual revenue and expenses are fully reported in our financial statements making year over year comparisons easier. This should also simplify our Canada Revenue Agency annual Income Tax filing.

WATER QUALITY REPORT – Bruce Pearson gave his first water quality report. Clarity was at 5 m. (16 ft. approx.) and total phosphorus was down from last year. There were 6 spots on the lake with heavy pollen. We are rated in the top 12.6% of the 1349 lakes involved in the program. The water quality information will be posted on the web site.

WEB SITE REPORT – Bruce Pearson has also taken on the job of “Web Guy”. It has been established through “Go Daddy”. The web site will have the Annual Minutes posted along with the water quality report. There is a link on our web site to the Burk’s Falls fire department’s current fire ratings. Check the fire rating signs in Burk’s Falls and on North Horn Lake Road please note there is NO DAYTIME BURNING at this time. Bruce would like more submissions of content from members- eg. lake photos, favourite cottage recipes or other items that would be of interest to members.

FIRE EQUIPMENT REPORT–Michael Freel reminded us where fire huts were located around the lake. They are ready to use in the event of a fire. Richard Hiley is the volunteer who puts fresh gas out for the pumps for the May long weekend and brings them in Thanksgiving weekend except for the pump at Birch Crest which is available year round.

FISHING – Al Seabrook gave a short report about the fishing. Approximately ¼ of those present actually go fishing on the lake. It was mentioned again that the province does not stock our lake. Horn Lake is considered “at capacity” since it is designated a trout lake. Introduction of a slot size plus closing winter trout fishing has been helpful in keeping fishing a sport on the lake.

ELECTIONS 2014-2016 Term

Results – President ——————– Michael Freel

Vice President ————— Ward Seymour (in absentia)

Secretary-Treasurer ——— Marilyn Pollitt

Motion to accept election results – Craig Brown Seconded by Darrell Jarvis , Carried


Membership Discussion – Dues notices were sent out via email and a few mailed out. We also accepted E-transfers this year. We normally have about 65 members – this year’s membership has increased to about 100 due to the marijuana facility issue. It would be great to keep this increased number of members considering there are approximately 175 cottages/homes on the lake.

Gravel Pit Issue: – Craig Brown discussed the Pegg’s Mountain situation. There is a company that proposes to have the area rezoned from rural to allow for a gravel pit. This is a Provincial “significant wetlands area” with a beautiful granite rock face. The company was hoping to be operational but there is strong opposition. An Ontario Municipal Board Hearing is scheduled to take place in February 2015. There is also concern about possible damage to roads in the area from trucks loaded with gravel getting to the highway. Craig encouraged us to visit the area and admire an area that may well be turned into a gravel pit. He also suggested that we check out their web site and www.muskokaregion.com for more background information about this issue.

Medical Marijuana Issue: – Ron Pollitt presented an update on this topic. All is quiet at this time.

The North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority is not interested unless the water discharged is 10,000 l./day or more. Health Canada, our MP – Tony Clement, our MPP – Norm Miller, Rona Ambrose, Federal Minster of Health, Ministry of Environment, etc. have not answered our questions or emails to our satisfaction.

Questions as to how often the government will be doing inspections and who will be doing the inspections of the facility have not been answered.

Members had asked about test wells – at a meeting Mr. & Mrs. Ferchat with committee members in May – Craig Ferchat told us no test wells will be drilled and he will not share the results of any testing of the water in his pond. There are 4 other sources draining into his pond and he believes that if there is a spike in nutrient levels we can not assume or prove that it came from his operation.

Ron along with the other committee members will continue to monitor this issue and send out follow-up emails as warranted. If anyone hears of any other items on this issue please advise the committee so that they may check the accuracy of that information.

Break-in on the Lake: – A water access cottage and shed was broken into between June 10th-15th and a chain saw and some tools were taken. Be extra vigilant about securing your properties and keep an eye on neighbouring properties for suspicious activities.


Date: Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 (Rain date – Sunday, Aug. 3rd)

Time: 1:00 pm

Place: Birch Crest Resort

Next Years’s Meeting:

Date: Sunday, TBA

Time: 10:00 am

Place: “Hide Away Camp”

ADJOURNMENT: Motion – Chris Haist, Seconded – Ron Pollitt, Carried