HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes


2012 Meeting Notes: MINUTES OF 2012 ANNUAL MEETING
Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at the Connor’s cottage – start time 10:15 am

Welcome by the president Cameron Copeland. Thank you to the Connor’s for hosting our Annual General Meeting plus preparing coffee. There were 40 people present at this year’s meeting including some new members. Special mention of the Woodill’s (who reside in Michigan) being on the lake about 50 years, as has John Hiley.

The Minutes for the 2011 Annual General Meeting and the Financial Report for year end June 30, 2012 were reviewed. The bank balance as at June 30, 2012 is $3,768.16. A motion to accept the report as presented was made by Norm Byrne, seconded by Ron Pollitt. Motion carried.


WATER QUALITY REPORT –Ken Page gave the Lake Partner Report and for new members explained how readings are taken using a Secchi disk and a lead bottom bottle is used to collect water samples that are then examined by the MNR. We have been involved with this program since about 1980. His testing sites are south of Pine Island and at the north end of Rock Island. Horn Lake water quality is consistently excellent with a PH level 4.8 which is below many other lakes. Water clarity is at 7.1 m. is also very good.

FIRE EQUIPMENT – We were reminded where fire huts are located around the lake. They are ready to use in the event of a fire. The pumps are put out the May long weekend and brought in Thanks-giving weekend except for the pump at Birch Crest which is available year round. Richard Hiley is the volunteer who looks after our fire equipment. A replacement hut is needed by Brandt’s Bay and donations of materials was requested last season. Various members offered 2 x 4’s, shingles and sheathing. Help to build was requested for this year. Norm Byrne advised that the fire pump at Birch Crest was not in its hut. Dave Stewart apologized, it’s still in his garage and he will put it out in the hut.

WEB SITE REPORT – John Hiley AKA “The Web Guy” said there has been more activity on our web site. He would like to receive more contributions from members to be posted on the site. John Hiley asked for a volunteer to assist with the web site. Michael Freel is going to learn how to help run the web site with John’s guidance.

MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT – We had a discussion regarding the lack of signage on the Hwy 11 exit # 261 to South Service Road or South Horn Lake Rd. Dave Stewart found out that the proper signs may be up by September or October. Birch Crest signs that help find the way onto South Horn Lake are removed by the MTO. Lynn Pearson is going to look into the possibility the signage can be installed sooner. Margaret Teixeira is also going to see what the local MPP can do. Dave Stewart Sr. suggested that the Association write a letter to the MPP and the MTO regarding the signage. It was agreed to do so.

CHERRY LANE – The missing street sign has been replaced.

DUCK ISLAND MARKER – This was put out last season to mark the rocks. This year the water level is low and the rocks are visible accordingly the marker is not required.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE – The committee from last year has agreed to continue their efforts to increase our membership. Dennis Connor, Cam Copeland and Jennifer Jarvis form the committee. Some concerns were expressed by some attendees that there is a perception by some owners that the Association was all about the Regatta. So there was no point in joining the Association if one wasn’t interested in the Regatta. We must make sure owners are aware of the other things the Association volunteers do year round. Out of approximately 160 cottages or homes on the lake last year we had only 65 paying members (41%). Hopefully this participation rate can be improved upon with their help. If you have a new neighbour or know of someone on the lake who is not a member maybe you could encourage them to join or let someone on the committee know and approach them.

F.O.C.A. – Dennis Connor brought to our attention that the F.O.C.A. web site was an informative web site. www.foca.ca

ELECTIONS: Our election results for the 2 year term July 2012 until July 2014 were as follows:

President ——- Dennis Connor

Vice-President — Michael Freel

Sec-Treasurer – Marilyn Pollitt

Thank you to Don Heal for overseeing the elections.


FIRE BURNING SIGNS – There is now a fire burning sign on North Horn Lake Road. Current regulations do not allow any DAYTIME BURNING. Another sign is in Burk’s Falls at the # 520 turn off to Magnetawan.

ROAD WORK : There is some road improvement work being done on the Ryerson section of South Horn Lake Road consisting of re-surfacing and new culverts.

INTERNET INFORMATION – Ron Pollitt presented some information on the choices we have for service at our cottages. Some choices are the Rogers Stick, Bell sticks, hubs, smart phone capabilities and Xplornet. The new communication tower will also provide an internet service. Their costs will be $250 for installation, $50 monthly and $20 monthly during “seasonal shut down” periods. A dish will be required to receive the signal.

COMMUNICATION TOWER – Some owners are not happy with the tower’s location but it is handled through the federal level of government so little can be done about it. The pad for it has been poured and the completion date is around the end of August.

FISHING – The fishing on the lake is very poor. Dave Stewart Sr. commented that some people have taken some very large trout which makes reproduction more difficult. A committee was formed consisting of Norm Byrne, Dave Stewart and Marty Rutledge to look into our options with respect to improving the fish population including re-stocking. Dave Stewart offered to assist in funding any positive initiatives in this regard.

INSURANCE – A question of why we had insurance coverage and if it was solely for the Regatta. It was explained that the coverage was to cover all activities of the Association and those doing business on behalf of the Association.

REGATTA – There was a lively discussion about cutting costs and possibly relocating the Regatta. It was decided that Birch Crest is the best location and Dave Stewart has once again agreed to host this gathering.

A motion was made by Don Heal – “The price per guest family be raised to $10.00 from the current $5.00.” Seconded by Margaret Teixeira. Carried.

A Regatta committee was formed consisting of Margaret & Carlos Teixeira, Don Heal, Darryl Jarvis and Cam Copeland.

NEXT YEAR’S MEETING – Date – Sat. July 6th, 2013 10:00 am

Location – The Connor’s cottage

Dennis Connor thanked Cam Copeland for his service as our President for the past two years.

He also reminded all in attendance to speak to their neighbours and encourage them to join the Association.

MEETING ADJOURNED: Motion – Ron Pollitt

Seconded – Dave Stewart Sr.


REGATTA COMMITTEE – Arranged to have a meeting at the Jarvis’ Sun. July 8 at 10 am. Also to be participating were the Association executive members.