HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes



DATE: Saturday August 8th, 2020

LOCATION: Hideaway Camp, Paul Lindsay host

ATTENDANCE: 43 (approx) 

Meeting began at 10:10 Steve Riley, Association President, welcomed everyone, thanked Paul Lindsay for hosting and introduced the executive:  Chris Haist, Co-president; Marilyn Pollitt, Treasurer; and Lynn Pearson, Secretary.

Minutes from 2019 AGM were reviewed.  

Motion to approve minutes was made by Mike Bossy, seconded by Ann Bowman.

WATER QUALITY REPORT:      Presented by Bruce Pearson

We are part of the Ontario Lake Partner Program, which is a volunteer program that samples of 800 lakes in our province:

  • Horn Lake has been submitting data to the Ministry of Environment since 1992
  • Phosphates continue to trend downward
    • 2019 was 4.8ug/litre.
    • 2018 was 6.0 ug/L
    • 2017 was 7.8ug/L
  • The lake continues to maintain an average clarity of 5.0 metres (16.4 ft)

  • Calcium: Calcium records have only been maintained since 2008 and represent the health for organic development ant the microscopic level. Horn Lake continues to under-perform in this measurement.

What can be done?  Property owners can help by using their fireplace ash.  DO NOT throw ashes in the lake, instead sprinkle on tree lines so that It can be naturally absorbed into lake.  

  • Algae Blooms:  Lake Bernard has been shut down for swimming/boating this summer.  Horn Lake is low risk, however if you see any algae blooms, please take a picture and send it to  brucep_965@hotmail.com. We will send to M&R to have it identified.  Not all algae are bad, but need to be monitored.


Marilyn Pollitt reports:

  • The bank balance as of December 31st, 2019 was $2329.68

Current Balance *$5607.53

*Insurance, FOCA had not been debited at time of meeting

To date, we have 58 paid members (more than double 2019).

Motioned to approve the report: Rino Roncadin, seconded by Allanna Kernahan.



It was decided to go ahead with Regatta next year. (date to be determined). It was recommended to have pre-paid registration for this event.

The following members have volunteered as members of the Regatta/potluck Sub-committee:

Beverly Ross

Tara Boyd

Dave and Beverley Stewart

**Dave Stewart announced that he will cover the costs of the lifeguards for the Regatta.


We received a complaint from residents at 1539 South Horn Lake Road as they enter the driveway from the launch ramp.  They have had problems with people parking there all day.  Lynn is in contact with Magnetawan to see if they will put no parking signs on this launch.

With respect to the North launch, Cristin Balsdon has volunteered to establish parking spaces to help accommodate more parking and keep the ramp clear.

Steve Riley authorized the purchase of up to 30 reflective sticks to help with this.

Chris will also follow up with Magnetawan regarding a dangerous tree on the North Launch, as well as signage for EMS clearance.


Ryan Balsdon and Carl Juergensen have volunteered to fix the fire huts.


*Markers are not the responsibility of the association. A map indicating lake depths has been added to the website.

*The marker at Twin Island will continue to be maintained.


Steve Riley reported that in the Spring of 2019, the lake levels were significantly higher than in years past. At the 2019 AGM, it was brought to our attention that a culvert had been replaced on Highland Rd. (near the North end of the lake) several years earlier. It is believed that the culvert had heaved sometime prior to the Spring of 2019, which contributed to the high water levels last year.

The high levels in 2019 caused shore erosion, flooded boathouses, and submerged docks.

We reached out to Magnetawan council last summer, but by that time the lake levels had dropped. It was decided that in the Spring of 2020 the Councillor and the COO for Magnetawan would come on a lake tour to see first-hand the high water levels and the damage caused.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 closures, council was preoccupied with other issues and social distancing / lockdowns made it impossible to perform a lake tour this year. Also, the lake levels in Spring 2020 were considerably lower than in 2019; most estimates are 18-24 inches lower.

In September of 2019 we started to take water level measurements of the lake. Using a land survey stake in a rock in front of Richard Hiley’s cottage on Rock Island, we measure the distance between the top of the stake and the water line. The lower the number, the lower the water levels. A summary of our observations:

May 2019 - 40 inches (this is an estimate that the lake was 21 inches higher in 2019 than in 2020)
Oct 14, 2019 - 4 inches (this was the last reading for 2019 - Thanksgiving Monday)
April 27, 2020 - 19 inches (one week since complete ice melt)

Mid-June 2010 - 13 inches
July 27, 2020 - 8.5 inches
Aug 17, 2020 - 11.5 inches

We do know that as high as the water was at the beginning of last year, it had dropped by 3 feet by the Fall.

We were about to make contact with Magnetawan council again this summer but then were told that someone had filed a complaint with the Ministry of Natural Resources claiming that the high water levels were affecting the trout spawning beds. As your executive, we decided that it was best to leave the lake level conversation with Magnetawan to MNR as they would have significantly more influence in getting changes made to the culvert than we would as an Association.

We understand that 2020’s low levels could be an anomaly, just as 2019’s high levels could have been. Regardless, if the culvert heaved and needs to be repaired to it’s lower levels, then Magnetawan (or the contractor who installed it) should be responsible. In the meantime, we are waiting to hear the results of the MNR’s investigation. Chris Haist is the Association's lead contact on all things regarding lake levels.


The following members have volunteered to organize the lunch and learn series for 2021.

Roger Stewart

Diane Gillis

Alana Bowman

They will be in contact with the executive throughout the winter.


1)Cottage Visit Team:  The following members have offered to continue cottages visits that were started last year. They will introduce themselves and explain the benefits of joining the association:

Kim Rose

Cristin  Balsdon

Veljko Velickovic

2) There have been concerns regarding late noise on the lake.  Lynn Pearson will inquire with Ryerson and Magnetawan to see if there is a noise bylaw time.

3) Bill Wiseman shared the importance of having CO detectors year-round, especially if using a gas generator. *Reminder that generators must be used outdoors, as per generator instructions.

4) Chris Haist will look into the request for an extra stop sign at Rodeo Road and North Horn Lake Road.

5) Mike Bossy recommended an increase in annual dues. After some discussion, he made a motion for 2021 to offer new members $25 for their first year, and $50 for returning members.

It was seconded by Rino Roncadin.  Carried unanimously.


Steve Riley was thanked for all his work on the executive.

Tara Boyd volunteered to be Vice Chair

Lynn Pearson volunteered to stay on as Secretary

Sharon Thomson volunteered for the position of Treasurer.

No other people came forward; therefore, no vote was required.

Steve presented Marilyn Pollitt with a gift and thanks for 24 years of being secretary/treasurer for our association.

Date for next year’s AGM:   Saturday, July 10th at Hideaway Camp 10 am

Motion to Adjourn meeting:   Mike Bossy, seconded by Pat Page.