HLPOA Annual Meeting Notes


2013 Meeting Notes: MINUTES OF 2013 ANNUAL MEETING
Saturday, July 6th, 2013 at the Connor’s cottage – start time 10:15 am

Welcome by Vice President Michael Freel. Thank you to the Connor’s family for hosting our Annual General Meeting plus preparing coffee. There were 27 people present at this year’s meeting.

The first order of business was to name Michael Freel as interim President for this current session due to health issues of our elected President. Michael Freel will also continue as President for the 2014-2016 term as per the Association constitution. Those present agreed with the change.

Dave Stewart made a motion to have Ward Seymour fill in as interim Vice-President and the motion was seconded by Ken Page. Motion carried.

The Minutes for the 2012 Annual General Meeting and the Financial Report for 2012-13 were reviewed. The bank balance as at June 28, 2013 is $3860.02.

Motion to accept the report as presented was made by Ron Pollitt, seconded by Norm Byrne. Motion carried.

It was briefly discussed that the executive look into the possibility of changing our year end to December 31st instead of June 30th so the Association’s annual revenue and expenses are fully reported in our financial statements making year over year comparisons easier. This should also simplify our Canada Revenue Agency annual filing.

Motion John Hiley, seconded by Chris Haist. Carried

Our expected guest speaker was unable to attend.


WATER QUALITY REPORT –Ken Page gave the Lake Partner Report and explained how readings are taken (Secchi disk). We have been involved with this program since about 1980. His testing sites are south of Pine Island and at the north end of Rock Island. Horn Lake water quality is consistently good with the PH level below many other lakes. Water clarity at 6.9 m. is also good. Horn Lake is the third cleanest lake of all those monitored in Ontario. Dave Stewart told us the water was 86% pure but government regulations state chlorine must be used in commercial applications. He has reluctantly done so.

FIRE EQUIPMENT REPORT– John Hiley reminded us where fire huts were located around the lake. They are ready to use in the event of a fire. His son Richard Hiley is the volunteer who puts fresh gas out for the pumps for the May long weekend and brings them in Thanks-giving weekend except for the pump at Birch Crest which is available year round. He reminded us the hut near the North landing needs repairs.

FISHING – Many fishermen have noticed the decline in the fish population over the years. The province does not stock our lake. It was mentioned that we could apply as an Association for private stocking/fish rehabitation from an approved hatchery. Perhaps through the Lake Stewardship program. Alexander Haist and Marty Rutledge to look into this.

WEB SITE REPORT – John Hiley AKA “The Web Guy” said there has been more activity on our web site. He would like to receive more contributions from members to be posted on the site – some stories, photos, recipes and perhaps items about the history of the lake from families that have been on the lake for many years. We also have a link with the MLS listings. The cost of running the web site is approximately $150.00 per year. John is also retiring and would help whoever takes over the running of the web site get familiar with it.


F.O.C.A. –We were reminded that the F.O.C.A. web site was an informative web site.

They also offer seminars covering various topics. It was suggested that we create a link from our web site to theirs. www.foca.on.ca

HORN LAKE MAPS – John Hiley brought some updated maps of the Lake. They will be available for sale at the Birch Crest Store, at the Regatta and next year’s Annual General Meeting.

The cost is black and white $5.00 each and colour is $15.00.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE – We discussed how we could increase our membership. In 2012 we had 64 paid members out of approximately 140 properties on the lake. It was suggested that perhaps we make it easier to join by including a “Dues” form on the back of Regatta flyer that is delivered to each property. Maybe credit cards could be used to pay or e-money transfers. Also email alerts and regular updates in addition to those on the web site. A better separation of the Association and the Regatta may improve membership as some owners feel that is all the Association does!

NEW WATER QUALITY VOLUNTEER – Ken Page is retiring. Bruce and Lynn Pearson have volunteered to take over doing the water quality. A motion was made by Ron Pollitt, seconded by Dave Stewart Sr. Carried.

Ken will be showing Bruce where and how it is done. Thank you Ken for the many years you have fulfilled this necessary job.

NEW WEB SITE OPERATOR- John Hiley is retiring and Bruce Pearson volunteered to be our new “Web Guy”. John will help Bruce settle into his new position. People suggested our web site could include updated fire ratings.

It was pointed out that the Magnetawan Township web site has that information already.


Lynn Pearson passed along that Chinese Lantern plants may look beautiful but are very invasive and dangerous.

Liz Noll volunteered to try again to have the MTO provide better signage to Horn Lake. Currently only some signs for Birch Crest Resort lead people to the lake.

Gary Stroud commented on the water levels being so low last year and really high this May but going down rapidly. Ken Page stated the some high/low levels are caused by culverts monitored by the MNR (eg. Highland Rd.)

NEXT YEAR’S MEETING – A discussion of changing the date of the Annual General Meeting to possibly increase attendance resulted in a motion being made by Michael Freel and seconded by Ward Seymour. Carried.

Date: Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time: 10:00 am

Place: TBA

REGATTA – No volunteer was found to organize the Regatta.

MEETING ADJOURNED – Motion – Norm Byrne

– Seconded – Liz Noll

– Carried