MEMBERSHIP DUES 2018 (updated)

TO: ALL HORN LAKE PROPERTY OWNERS                                        July 21, 2018


The Horn Lake Property Owners’ Association (HLPOA) exists to represent and advocate  for the concerns of property owners on Horn Lake. While we all enjoy the benefits of living and cottaging there is no certainty that the pristine environment that we currently benefit from will continue to exist into the future. It is very important that we have an Association with a strong voice (i.e. Many members) in order to be heard on issues such as development on our lake, water quality, property taxes and lake spirit. The continued work of the Association requires the support of all property owners on the lake.

If you are not yet a member, we are asking you to consider joining. Your annual dues cover the cost of maintenance/replacement of all fire equipment plus the 4 fire huts, the purchase of lake marker buoys (placed out by Birch Crest), the upkeep of our Web site (, communications with our members, insurance coverage, water quality testing, occasional guest speakers at the Annual General Meeting, membership with the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (F.O.C.A.), renewed membership with  Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation (WRAFT) and hosting the annual Regatta. The Association also welcomes additional donations that can be used to meet extraordinary expenses that are incurred from time to time – 


2018 membership Dues:

Please submit your $40 for this year by:

* paying Marilyn Pollitt at the Regatta (or) * e-transfer to security question
“what’s this for?” response “Dues18” (or)
* mailing a check payable to:
Horn Lake Property Owners Association
c/o Mrs. M. Pollitt
28 Jordon Cres.
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 8A9